Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My DIY Must Haves: Sewing

Today I thought I would share some of my must have sewing tools. I am definitely not an advanced sewer, but here are the basics that have helped me make drapery panels and pillow shams:

1. A sewing machine: Pretty obvious, but here are the details about mine. I have a Brother XL 2600i, and after almost a year it still works great! It is very easy to set up and use. I went with a cheaper model because I wouldn't be using it very often; however, with thicker fabric it does struggle, so keep that in mind. I purchased mine on Amazon

In addition to the standard foot, I also use the zipper foot to sew cording because it is thinner and allows the needle to get close to the cording (zipper foot was included with my machine)

2. An iron: This is so important for getting professional looking results. I always keep the hot iron nearby and press everything prior to pinning and running it through the machine.

3. Fabric scissors: Paper dulls scissors in no time, so it is important to have a pair that is just for fabric. Mine are just nice craft scissors but since I only use them for fabric, they are my fabric scissors. If you have members in your house who may forget which scissor is which, you may want to mark them, fabric only!

4. Pins and needles: Pins are great for holding everything in place prior to sewing. Remember when pinning to always point the round end towards the inside of the machine so you can take them out as you go. And needles are great for areas that need to be hand sewn. 

5. No sew adhesive: I like Heat n' Bond (I found at Joann Fabrics). This can be a great time saver or might be a good solution when sewing with the machine is more difficult, like my ruffled draperies (there was so much fabric on either side of the machine when sewing the ruffles on!)

6. A yard stick: Perfect when measuring cuts for fabric ... much better than a ruler because most cuts are over 12"

A fabric pen (designed to disappear when washed) is great for when marking fabric ... a pencil will work too if you are marking in a spot that won't be seen.

Finally, a cardboard cutting board with a grid perfect for keeping a straight line while cutting (I don't know what I would do without mine!)

and there you have it, my favorite and most used sewing supplies! Click here to see all of My DIY Must Haves

I am off to work on the glass panels ... its a lot of waiting for glue to dry ... Progress photos soon!


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