Monday, September 10, 2012

Folded Rope Dome Fixture Installed

My weekend project with the panels of glass from the chandelier is still in process ... I seem to oversimplify things a lot and they take a little longer than expected ... oh and barbequing with friends and the beach might of also gotten in the way :) but well worth it!

We also hung the folded rope dome fixture over the weekend! After deciding on the light fixture for the guest room, We decided to install this one in the landing above the front door, with the ombre frames

We installed it below the existing recessed light, centering it we used four small cup hooks screwed into place. We attached the rope to the hooks and a few minutes later we were done!

This lonely landing has come a long way!



and a few at night, I love how it softens and redirects the light

I last left off with the rope being firm but not quite solid ... after a few weeks, the Mod Podge hardcoat did further cure and it is very hard now. I was going to apply a clear epoxy/resin coat, but it turns out mine didn't need it! 

I am off to work on the glass panels ... I'll be back soon with progress photos!


  1. What an ingenious "fix" to a dull recessed light! I have considered hanging a screw in pendant above my stairs but now, I just may attempt this:)

  2. This project is/was wicked cool and am so glad to hear the modge podge hardened up. I like the do it anyway approach to life. I share it, if I have the time. I'm chevroning. Who'da thunk.

  3. I love your little 'D' portrait you have hanging with the other miscellaneous portraits and pictures. It adds volume and flavor to an otherwise boring modernized home.

    -Solomon Berkovitch
    Storefront Installation Brooklyn

  4. Beautiful! It looks great with the prints you have framed there.

  5. I love the light. Ready mades are expensive! Thanks for posting. We are remodeling our kitchen and I've been looking for lights to go over the island...........hummmmmm. Something to think about. You did a great Job!


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