Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chandelier Pendant with Drum Shade for Guest Room

Hi! Hope you all had a great labor day weekend! David's brother was here, so we explored the coast and of course there was some DIY too! 

If you follow me on Instagram @sarahmdorseydesigns you might of seen this massive outdoor chandelier a few weeks ago. I spotted in the pile of freshly donated items at Habitat Restore, and after I asked how much, and heard $10 ... I said sold!

This weekend we finally got around to painting and installing it - I was inspired by the fabulous chandelier drum shade fixture at Young House Love!

We decided to install the rope fixture above the first landing on the stairs (more on that later) and the chandelier in the guest bedroom

The shade is 14" from Lamps Plus that I purchased a year or so ago for another project.

After priming, we airbrushed the pendant with BM Bali, a green gray blue (I think Rustoleum Glacier Ice is similar, but I couldn't find it in store)

The height that we wanted, it is completely constructed of parts from the left over chandelier (one advantage of buying a massive fixture, lots of parts!)

And a few with the lights on ...

I love how the light is redirected on the ceiling

It currently has (4) 25 watts bulbs from the rope fixture, but I would like to find a lower wattage since it takes 8 total. So I am off to find those today!

There is about 2.5" from the chandelier to the shade for air circulation!

and one last before and after ...

I also have plans for the glass exterior ... stay tuned to see if my idea works!

If anyone is interested, I will draw a diagram with the parts that we used to get the height, secure the shade, etc. Let me know :)


  1. Beautiful! I love the color you painted it..

  2. Fast improvement. Love your color choice!

  3. Vast, ha! Not sure if it was fast. :)

    I spotted a light just like that a few weeks ago at DI and past it by. Great eye to see beauty in someone else's junk.

  4. I'd totally like to see the diagram. Its so pretty!

  5. i would love to see a diagram! i recently repainted and installed a chandy in my closet...but w/o the shade. I love the way yours looks!

  6. I would also like to see a diagram!!

    1. I actually made a post later, here you go! http://sarahmdorseydesigns.blogspot.com/2012/09/how-to-install-drum-shade-over.html

  7. how did you remove the glass enclosure? I have a similar lamp in a tiffany shape - but the glass covering seems to attached to the chandelier

    1. We used a screw driver to bend the metal around the glass panes .. it was a little time consuming, but it worked well. Some frames are tougher to bend than others, so it depends on your frame.


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