Thursday, August 30, 2012

Recent Obessions: Attic or Cap Code upstairs spaces

I'll call it a recent obsession, since I've been think about it a lot lately, but it really has been an always obsession.

I LOVE attic or Cap Code upstairs spaces! I guess its the dramatic drops in the ceiling which create interest, but i think where is really gets me is how I feel in the space. Dropped ceilings create a cozy feeling, like you are being hugged by the room, making you feel comfortable.

all images via my Pinterest boards 

They can be the perfect place to create a nook for reading or maybe a nap


or a cozy vanity
or fabulous double workspace

and of course a relaxing bedroom

All are absolute perfection!

I've decided that one day, I will have a similar space to work with! How about you? Whats on your dream list, or what are recently obsessed with?


  1. Yes. I'm really drawn to the fun architecture- so many possibilities!

  2. My husband and I have the perfect walk up attic to finish off and turn into an office/craft space. We are hoping to take on the project in the next year or two!


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