Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My DIY Must Haves: Painting

Painting is one of the easiest ways to transform an outdated piece, so painting and prepping supplies are definitely on my DIY must have list!

Most pieces will need a little TLC before painting, here are some of my basic prep tools:

1. A variety of sandpaper - course, fine and medium grit sanding blocks are great for a lot of surfaces because they bend slightly, sand paper with foam back is good for curved furniture legs, and sheets are good to reload your sanding block or to tear of pieces to get in the little cracks

2. Power sander - a must for large amounts of sanding! Best for flat surfaces, hand sand curved surfaces to avoid taking away detail. I use a Black and Decker Mouse, I like it because it is light and can get into corners easily 

3. Wood filler and putty knife - great for minor repairs

and a microfiber or tack cloth is also needed to make sure the surface is clean prior to painting.

Onto the fun stuff :)

Here are my favorite painting supplies and tips that I've picked up along the way!

1. Invest in good brushes - I use Purdy 1.5" and 2.5" Clearcut glide. This will help the paint to go on smooth and if cleaned thoroughly after each use, they will last a long time!

2. Smooth foam roller - Great for painting flat surfaces, help to reduce brush strokes and speeds up your painting time

3. A good primer - I've tried a few and like SW Premium Wall & Wood Primer I always add a little water to my primer before painting, because it is very thick!

4. Durable paint - For painting furniture, durable paint is a must! I typically use SW Pro Classic which has a hard enamel finish while being latex. The key to this paint is applying it on in thin coats and not over brushing (it will self level when drying) I also like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it goes on without primer (even on laminate), it is durable, and clean up is a breeze! I like to finish it with clear wax to seal and protect it.

5. Painters tape - Perfect for taping off what you don't want painted!

6. Paint drying extender - I use XIM Extender -  helps reduce brush strokes while painting, I add this every time I paint!

Spray paint can be the fastest and easiest way to paint a piece! Great for painting a something that has a lot of nooks and crannies!

1. Good spray paint - I like to use Rustoleum or Krylon - both get good, even coverage

2. Spray Paint Comfort Grip attachment - great for even coverage and saving your pointer finger! Don't buy the cheap one  - been there, done that, the can drops out of it!

3. Paint Mask/Respirator - SO important to use this every time your spray paint, breathing in all of those paint particles in air = no good!

And there you have it, my must have list for painting! Did I miss anything?

I'll be back soon to share the rest of my DIY must haves! 


  1. thank you! this post is very helpful. I have this old corner hutch/cabinet that was left over from the previous owners when i moved in and instead of throwing it away i decided to hold on to it and possibly improve it. But i have no idea what to do to get started...

  2. I completely agree with the electric sander... changed our projects completely! I've never tried an extender before... I'll have to try that out. Thanks!

  3. Yay for the empowerment of paint. I am not familiar with the drying extender but now I intend to be. Never used the foam backed sanding squares. But I have used paintable sandpaper. Fabulous stuff for when you really can't get into the space. Love the paint can trigger thingers. Mini rollers are awesome too.
    From the lovely chair makeover post, you said you own a power sprayer too. Bought one at an auction and it was broken and oozed. I am feeling inspired by that chair you know. Thank you.

  4. Where do you buy the XIM extender? I've looked around online and can't seem to find where I can purchase it. Thanks!

    1. Hi Nancy, I purchase XIM at Sherwin Williams. I know Home Depot sells Floetrol which is an equivalent (I've never used it though). HD may also sell XIM ... Hope this helps! Sarah


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