Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Milk Glass Lamp Redo

Last week I shared one of my latest thrift store finds - a milk glass lamp, with the white, wood and brass there was a little too much going on in such a small space... so it definitely needed a little updating!

Prior to painting, we decided to rewire it because of the age (look at that plug!) ... we picked up a kit for $10 at Home Depot, safer plus a white cord is a win win!

I knew that I didn't want to paint the milk glass, but I wasn't sure about the rest of it ... I went back and forth between white and a color. Since it was going on the desk in the office/living room, I eventually decided that it would compete with the trellis lamps and the new pendant shade (coming soon - its in the mail!) for above the desk area, so I decided on white.

I sanded the area to be painted and taped off the the areas that weren't going to be painted ... 

I primed it and then applied two top coats of clear to protect it.

I found a $10 shade at TJ Maxx ... looks identical to the one in the bedroom ...

I purchased some white ribbon and glued it on the edges (hanging slightly over so you can't see the shade's edges) As I go I pull very tight so the ribbon doesn't sag and add tape to hold it in place every few inches.

I left glue off of the the top part of the ribbon, and then added a thin bead of glue under the edge for the green trim under the ribbon.

 And that was it! This was a super simple and quick update to a dated lamp :)

Over the weekend I took the desktop photo of Annabelle playing fetch, I love how concentrated she is - it makes me smile every time I see it!

If I move it to another location, I will probably paint it a fun color, but for now it makes sense with the pendant to come!

Total Cost:

Lamp             $3.25
Shade             $10.00
Ribbon           $6.00
Re Wiring kit $10.00
Spray Paint (already purchased) 

                   =  $29.25


  1. Looks great- and I love the green trim on the shade. Great job!

  2. love it! the lamp, the desk, the basket, the windows; what a nice place to work!!


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