Friday, July 27, 2012

TV Stand with Pivoting Door to Hide Electronics

The tv stand is finished! I played around with the floorplan a lot in Sketchup  (my go to program to make design decisions because it is fast and designing in 3D gives a much better understanding of the space)

I am still not entirely happy with the tv placement - it kinda screams hey! look at me! ... but with the space that we have, I think it's a good option.

Utilizing one space for the office and living room, I wanted a sense of division which was created by the sofa, sofa table and lamps.  I also didn't want to block the window, putting the tv on an angle in the corner seemed the best option for the layout.

For now, this is where it will stay ... at least until I change my mind ;)

We wanted something super simple, not huge ... I feel like all tv stands are ginormous! So we decided to design and make our own ... I talked earlier this week about the door to hide the electronics and David managed to surprise me by his innovative pivoting door design, he's a keeper I tell you!

Here is how it moves ...

Pretty neat, huh?

The base construction for the tv stand was pretty simple but the pivoting door took a little more time to get just right

We topped it off with 2'x4' (1" thick) shelving - we wanted something a bit heavier since it has to support the tv.

The screws and seams were covered with wood filler, once dry the whole piece was sanded to get all the rough spots - holes were also drilled for the hardware on the door at this time

I primed with SW wall and wood primer

lightly sanded with fine sandpaper

and gave it two coats of SW pro classic (perfect for painting furniture because it gives a hard enamel finish while being water based) in a custom mix of big chill with a little anew gray (both left over from other projects) with XIM extender mixed in to help level out brush marks.

I painted the top piece and the door separately to access all of the corners - once the pieces were dry, they were attached and the hardware was added.

And that was it!

Baskets fit well underneath to hold extra remotes and dvds

and a view with the door open ...

and I one of Annabelle  - she approves because her window seat (the green ottomans) are now back in place

The top piece $23 and the thin door $10 made this piece a little more expensive than anticipated ... the total for the wood was around $65

We sold our tv stand when we moved to CA, so it is nice to see the tv off of the ground!

Hope you have a great weekend!


  1. sorry, I had an error and had to fix it...

    I am SO in love with your designs and especially what you've done here. The tv stand is amazing, but I'm having such a hard time not drooling over the curtains behind it, or the arrangement on the wall beside it. I look at this and think, this is a space I could so live in, and would love every minute of it! :-)

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment!! We a loving being in the living room more now that it is almost done!

  2. This is so nice. I hate when the electronics show and this is easy to access. Why can't they make attractive dvd players I ask you.

    1. I'm with you ... electronics design for the most part could use some serious help!

  3. What a great idea! Love it and love the room.

  4. You guys are so crazy-talented! Another great piece and I love the colour! The room is looking awesome :)

  5. This room is so great! I am in love with your sofa table and hanging gallery wall! Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Brilliant idea!

    You have a great home with so many wonderful diy updates. Truly inspiring. I'm happy to have added you to my reader so I don't miss a thing :0

    p.s. I hope you will consider removing the captcha code requirement from comments.

    1. Hi Mel! Thanks so much for reading!! I believe that I got rid of the captcha code :) thanks!

  7. Where did you find the tray on your ottoman? I have a similar color in my living room and would love to have a tray that color!

    1. Hi Sarah! The tray is from Joann Fabrics, past season though ...


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