Monday, July 23, 2012

pivoting door to hide electronics!

This weekend we worked on the tv stand - I'm pretty excited about the solution to hide the electronics!

Our original plan was to include slated doors (for use of electronics when the doors were closed), but it ended up being too expensive ... wood is pricey!

On to plan B. I suggested a small door to hide just the electronics. David liked the idea, but not my simple flip down design, he wanted to construct a garage door ... I thought a garage door has bends, how is this going to work with a flat piece of wood? David assured me that it would work (it took little convincing because he has a great track record at figuring things out), so we purchased our supplies and went home to try some ideas out!

After one other try, here is what we came up with (hold (no click needed) your mouse over the image below to see how it moves)

It pivots on a small dowel rod to hide the electronics when not in use and to hide the door when they are

Pretty neat huh? :)

Photos below are shown without the top and back piece on.

We made the shelf shorter than the entire width to 1. it was cheaper 2. It can't be seen with the electronics on the shelf 3. the extra width wasn't needed

Sounds like good reasons to me!

Here's how it looks from above (without the top on) with the door closed ...

and with the door open ....

We are going to put two striped knobs on the front that we picked up from Anthropologie a few months back...

The wood filler have been sanded and it is now ready for paint, check back soon to see what it looks like finished!


  1. This is truly not just a DIY gem but an innovative invention as well! Great job.

  2. Clever--need some of your magic in my nest!


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