Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ikat covered chairs for the desk!

We've finished two chairs for the desk!

We started with a counter height dining set

from the bottom, we measured 6"on the table legs and chairs

then used our chop saw to make it a standard desk height

Chairs were lightly sanded and given a coat of primer and two top coats of SW Mega Greige

The seats were removed and wrapped in 1.5" inch foam, batting and fabric - Waverly Seeing Spots in Wasabi

batting and fabric were pulled tight and stapled underneath

By the way ... the foam is from Home Depot, the other day David and I were walking through and saw giant slabs of 3" foam for $20 (this would of cost a lot more elsewhere ... ) has anyone else seen foam at Home Depot!? I was back this weekend and didn't see it, so maybe it was a fluke?

Anyways, since 3" was too tall for the chairs we cut it in half with a sharp filet knife. If you are cutting foam, I highly recommend using a very sharp kitchen knife, it cuts so easily!

I am loving the lighter look in the office area!

I love how the ikat repeats on the chair, desk and draperies

I am still looking for a desk chair to swap out but haven't found one ... actually ... I let a beautiful Eames aluminum desk chair slip out of my fingers for an amazing price ... I still think about that

here's hoping I find one soon!

Up next - finishing the sofa table and pulling together the rest of the office, stay tuned!


  1. What a transformation! So clever and creative and I'm loving all that ikat!


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