Wednesday, July 11, 2012

diy fabric pin board for the office + giveaway from my etsy shop!

I am working on hanging the art in the office/living room and just finished a push pin board for the office area. I'll wait to show more photos until I hang the rest of the art - it's looking a little lonely as is ...

For now, here is how I did it!

1. Take an old frame (I found my at Goodwill for $10), sand it to remove the glossy finish

2. After wiping down, prime and then spray paint - I wait about 45 minutes between coats (make sure to use several light strokes so the paint doesn't run!)

3. Cut the back piece to fit the frame - I used the back of a large poster board that I had left over from another project

4. Apply cork - I used cork contact paper with a sticky back (you may want to use two layers if your backing won't allow pins in)

5. Wrap fabric, pull tight and staple with a staple gun

6. Secure the cork to the frame (I used nails - make sure they aren't too long so they don't go through!)

Cost breakdown:

Frame $10, Cork $10, Fabric $7, Paint $7 = $34

I was back at Goodwill today and found a cork board that would of replaced the backing and cork for $3 :( I guess you can't catch every great deal ...

I'm looking forward to hanging the rest of the art - I found a cheap solution for frames that is good for renters ... and anyone who wants frames on the cheap! Check back soon!


I am taking part in The Terpblog's 10-Day Etsy Extravaganza Giveaway - Make sure to stop by tomorrow (July 12th) for a chance to win a print from my Etsy shop! 

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  1. Now that's something I could add to my daughters' bedroom! Thanks for the idea.


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