Friday, May 18, 2012

Its going to be a painting weekend!

The design for the rug has been finalized ...

color has been chosen - SW Loyal Blue - with a name like that, who can't trust it, right?

supplies purchased - yes plywood is a part of that, any guesses how?

all that is left is to paint! 

and it is going to be a painting weekend ...

the other painting project?

let me introduce you to my mirror - and yes I say my because we have had quite the journey together...

I first spotted a few in tj  maxx in TN complete with technicolor maroon coloring for $59.99 since all of them were scratched, I figured that it would go on clearance and then I would pull the trigger - going back I found one left for $20 - grabbed it - ran to the register and promptly brought it home to paint it - I then noticed the texture on the outer circles, which I wasn't crazy about but couldn't think of a good way to fix so I decided to leave it - so there it hung above the bed - white probably wasn't the best choice with the rental walls but it was much better than its technicolor past!

Headboard was made in TN and sold before we moved - fabric is a drop cloth that I tinted slightly gray

After we moved to CA I decided that I wanted to fix the texture in the outer circles - so I applied bondo - once dry, it was SO hard to sand on the curved surface (I would not recommend using bondo unless you can easily access the area to be sanded!) -  after some sanding - I decided to take a break ...  but I am determined to finish it this weekend!

It will be going on the landing above the shoe cabinet - I've decided to keep the ombre theme going for the landings - check back next week to see what I do!

Also, I was asked to do a tutorial on how I airbrush - so I will also be posting that in conjunction with the mirror!!

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