Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Love Pinterest - Art Above Headboard Progress + Ikat Dress

I LOVE pinterest! There is endless inspiration!

A while ago I found this image on pinterest and thought what a great idea and so simple!

I've had so many ideas for the art above the headboard that it has been hard deciding ... so I might try them all to see what looks best - check out this post to see my first take

and the beginning of my second take -

The pattern is a loose interpretation of the back material of the pillow sham or bed skirt - I plan to paint them yellow like the console table

Check back soon for updates! 


On another note - I was recently in a store and saw a dress and thought - hey I think even I could make something like that! off to pinterest I went and found a super easy tutorial

Following the tutorial - I used a tank top from Target and cotton ikat fabric, some coordinating thread and elastic thread for the waist

Here is what I came up with ...

David took these photos this weekend while we were down at the beach - please excuse my awkward modeling ... I chose the best ones I could find

My Mom is an amazing seamstress and made a lot of my clothes when I was young - while this isn't nearly as detailed as what she made me - I still think she would be proud!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Jena! It was so fun and easy to make, I think I'm going to make another!

  2. I am obsessed with Pinterest too, I can't believe how creative people are!
    I am launching a Pinterest challenge tuesday- you should enter, your projects are amazing!

    1. Thanks Katie! I'm heading over to your blog now - I'll be sure to enter on Tuesday!

  3. Oh my goodness! That dress is darling!

    1. Thank you! it was so easy to make - I'd recommend trying it!

  4. your dress turned out great! i love your fabric choice!! and i also love how you tied the sash in front. where did you find your cute ikat fabric? thanks for stopping by so i could see the pictures. so glad my tutorial worked for you!

    1. Thank you!! I found the fabric at a local store - it is dear stella, Ikat Stella - 12, they also have their website printed on the side, Thanks so much for posting your tutorial, it worked perfectly!


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