Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Fabric for the Guest Room and Tips for Ordering Fabric Online

The fabric arrived yesterday so I can get started on the guest room!

fabric 1. 2. 3. 4.
We are building a headboard and the 54" fabric width is tricky with the way I want the pattern to run (solid fabrics are more diy friendly!) I think I have found a solution without it looking pieced together ...

Whenever I open fabrics that I've ordered online I hold my breath - hoping that they look like the photo ... luckily all of these did!

but that hasn't always been the case - I fell in love with a richloom print, waited for it to get off of back order and when it arrived it didn't look quite like the photo :(


The photo from the website (top photo) looks vibrant with rich colors while the photo that I took looks washed out - still pretty, but not what I wanted - so I thought I would share some tips on what have helped me order online ...

1. Google the fabric and check out images of scale and color: many fabrics have photos of pillows, chairs, etc. that have been taken in a variety of lighting - a great way to get a feel for what the fabric will look like

2. For photos that include a ruler: make sure to check the scale - sometimes photos can be deceiving - the pattern can look larger or smaller than it actually is

3. Take note of the material: Becoming familiar with fabric types gives you a better idea of the weight and texture of the fabric. i.e. duck cotton will have a tight stiffer weave and medium weight  - while a cotton sateen will be a finer weave, lighter weight, and smoother touch

Finally when possible, I would recommend ordering from - they offer free shipping for orders over $35, great prices, and FREE RETURN shipping!

Stay tuned to see my solution for 54" fabric for a wider headboard (fingers crossed it works!)


  1. I adore those colors, great choices! Which one is the top one, did you get at

  2. Thank you Candace! It is from, here is the link:

  3. So happy that I found your blog! I loved the fabric you put on the guest headboard and decided to do the same thing for my headboard! Do you have any suggestions for what type of color/pattern that would be good for an accent rug on wood floors that compliment the headboard fabric?

    1. Hi Sarah! So glad that you are trying the headboard! I would say to find a rug that contrasts the organic pattern of the headboard, like a stripe. Rugs USA has a 70% off sales often, so that might be a good option :)

  4. The 4th fabric you list, the Waverly Stepping Out Matelasse in Pool, is that the correct color? In your picture it looks blue and on their website it looks greener. I really like that fabric and the Toadstool and wanted to make sure they match. Thank you!

    1. Hi JB, Looking at, it is definitely more blue than their photo shows. I would describe it as blue with green undertones.

  5. Sara do you still have any of the information Richloom Blue print above? I some bought some pillows at Homegoods in the same print. i need two more pillows but can't find any more. Would love to get a hold of some fabric to make them.

    1. Hi Dianna, sorry I don't remember the name. Wish I could help!


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