Wednesday, May 23, 2012

diy rug process - third times the charm!

I just finished the second coat on the last medallions (some are still wet in pic) BUT the second coat dried with way more of a sheen then the first .... so I think it is going to get a third coat with a different paint - I'll be sure to share my tips on what to do and what not to do when I am finished (tomorrow)!

It is nice to see it all laid out - motivation to finish!!


  1. i love this design...i too am looking for a moroccan print for a rug. i dont have an airbrush so i think i can make the stencil from cardboard and just paint it on. great job!!!

  2. Hi! I love this rug, but I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the white rug at? I have had a hard time finding one.

    1. It's Ikea Erslev, unfortunately they no longer sell it :(


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