Tuesday, May 1, 2012

DIY Drum Pendant Shade with Ribbon

Last night David installed the new pendant light for the bedroom! I love it!


We started with this standard builder grade flush mounted light ... It is a rental so we decided just to swap it out and put it back when we move out

At Home Depot we found this pendant kit for $14.99 and a brass tube (to cover the cord) at Ace Hardware

The kit came in nickel, but I wanted it to be brass - so I scuffed it up with steel wool 

and painted it with liquid gold leaf in brass

I wanted a more antiqued look so for the second coat I added a little black paint to it

Last week I shared that I added some ribbon to a lamp shade I picked up a last year 

the brass tube was cut - the cord was run through the shade and tube 

David removed the existing light - breaker was turned off - finished installing by flashlight because it was nighttime - probably should of done this during the day!

I've been looking for a heat resistant translucent plastic that I can cut to be a diffuser at the bottom of the light - Maybe I will purchase a sheet from U.S. Plastic Corp

For now it is diffuser - less

So much better than the existing light - probably the best $30 I've spent recently!

Price Breakdown:

Shade ............. $10.00
Pendant Kit .... $ 14.99
Ribbon ........... $ 2.00
Brass Tube ..... $ 3.00

Total ............... $ 30.00

Just the art left ... I am deciding between images printed drop cloth - something like this, text with lines connecting words (something like this or this), or a raised pattern created with puffy paint and then painted - something like this

I will be Photoshoping today to decide ... 


  1. If you are still looking for a diffuser for your light...as recommended by Isabelle LaRue: you can get plastic fluorescent lighting panels in the lighting dept at Home Depot (cutting them is a challenge because they can shatter - follow Isabelle's recommendations at www.engineeryourspace.com/episodes/how-to-make-a-drum-shade/) or if you can find one that is big enough, a flexible chopping mat.

  2. Where did you find your drum shade? I have been looking EVERYWHERE. They are all a little angled and I don't want that! Thanks!

    1. I found this one at TJ Maxx or Marshalls. There's also a few on lamps plus website.

  3. Was the brass tube in the same area with lighting, or was it in a different department altogether? Also, the cord is only for the length of the pendant, right? There's no wiring connected to it?

    Sorry if my questions are silly, but I just want to be 100% clear before I try this out at home. :)

    1. The brass tube was found at ace hardware near the nuts and bolts etc. the cord is the length of the tube plus a little extra to wire into the ceiling :)


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