Monday, May 7, 2012

Art for Above the Headboard - Take 1

This weekend we hung the prints above the headboard

click here to see where I saw the idea!

These are the supplies I started with (minus the drop cloth which I returned because it had a plastic backing and purchased muslin instead

I cut the drawing paper and muslin to size and spray mounted the fabric to the paper - it doesn't need to be perfect because the edges are covered, but the corners need to be attached to go through the printer (I also later cut the loose threads off so they wouldn't get caught in the printer)

I painted the frames with some left over paint and cut mats out of the the same drawing paper

Also, while I was taking the glass out of the frame - one broke - this is the cheapest glass ever! (David agreed too!) so for safety precautions (since it is above sleeping heads) I purchased a cheap large frame with the plastic instead of glass - cut to size - and swapped all of the glass for plastic - We also used screws to attach them to the wall and picture hanging command strips for added strength - so they are really up there!

Unfortunately once they were hung I wasn't over the moon about them ... I like them a lot ... but not here - I am going to see what else I can come up with today!

I was also able to finish the ombre table for the entry way over the weekend! Check back for photos!


  1. Where is that fab light fixture from? This is the same color pallet as my bedroom. Love! Thanks:)

  2. Oops. Just read more of your blog and answered my own question! You have great ideas!

  3. Thank you! If you decide to make one - I'd love to see pictures!


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