Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rainbow and Ombre Table Progress

It has been rainy here the past couple of days - one advantage?

a beautiful rainbow!

I took this picture last night, shortly before the sun went down. This image is three photos that I stitched together in Photoshop to capture the whole rainbow.

I've been working on the art for the bedroom - some abstract paintings, but I think that they may be too modern for the space - we will see ...

Here is a peak at what the other half of the round table is looking like 

I've been having issues with my airbrush spraying evenly (hence why the paint is looking un blended), so hopefully it will work well today!

This will be going by our front door - down from the landing that the ombre frames are on - it is dark down there, so I wanted a pop of color - maybe all of the landings will have an ombre theme?

I am going to attempt to finish it today- hopefully the airbrush will cooperate with me!

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  1. I was thinking how original the paitn idea would be if you left it graduated in color. A very unexpected surprise, which I like! Great Job.


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