Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Master Bedroom Trellis Stencil Wall Complete

Yesterday I completed the stenciled tv wall!

Last week David cut a craigslist find in half and I painted it.

Once I put it below the tv, the corner was still looking incomplete ...

Kristen at Kristen F. Davis Designs always has amazing projects going on, I especially love her amazing stencil designs, and I have been dying to try something similar ever since!
I originally wanted to build and stencil a floor to ceiling panel behind the tv to hide the wires, but since we decided to run the wires through the wall, it was no longer needed

I loved the idea of a stenciled pattern behind the tv, so decided to paint directly on the wall instead

When deciding if I wanted the wall to be yellow or gray I used Photoshop to create a quick sketch ...

 The yellow was too intense with the pattern - the gray was just right!

The gray also balances well with the draperies on the other side of the room

We modified a trellis pattern - printed it and David cut it out for me ...

and I painted ...

I used left over SW Pro Classic paint in Big Chill 

The walls throughout the house have a knockdown texture - not a big fan, but it could be worse!

I only had to buy the stencil film for this project which was about $3 - a big impact for a small price!

I am getting close to finishing the bedroom - check back soon to see progress on the headboard we are building!


  1. Replies
    1. thanks for the kind comment laura!!

    2. Sara,don't ever stop posting, I love all your ideas. Joyce

  2. It looks amazing!! I found you over at Desiree's & am so glad I did :O) I recently discovered stencil film & have loved make my own stencils. If you have a Silhouette, I've discovered it can do a lot of the hard work cutting for you!

    1. Thank you so much Laura! I want to buy one :) which model do you have??

  3. Where do you buy stencil film and secondly how did your husband cut out the stencil? Did he use an exacto knife or do you have a die cutting machine? Just wondering how it came out so well. Would be curious to learn how to make a stencil as the one you made can sell for as much as $50 on some stencil websites I've come across with the same result!!

    1. Hi Nancy! I found the stencil film at Michael's (it came in a pack of two) Both David and I have a lot of experience cutting with xacto knives from projects when we were in school :)

  4. This is great! I just recently suggested stenciling to a client who was interested in wall paper, but didn't realize how costly it can be. She's concerned that it will be to difficult and time consuming. I've never actually done it myself. How long did this take you? Looks great!

    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Genevieve! Thank you! This wall took about an afternoon to finish. Stenciling is definitely not quick, but once you get on a roll it moves pretty fast. The less detail in the stencil the faster it goes (and easier to line up) Hope this helps! Sarah

    2. Awesome thanks! I was wondering... do you mind if I reference this post? I'm new to the blog world and unfamiliar with blog etiquette. I wanted to do a post about stencils and include some of the awesome project that inspired me (including yours of course).

    3. Feel free to link to my post! Thanks!

    4. Thanks for the inspiration! Included you in a post. http://turnedtodesign.blogspot.com/

  5. That looks so nice! I'm about to stencil my pantry...because I'm too chicken to do anything more public.


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