Monday, April 23, 2012

Lamp Makeover for Master Bedroom

I've been looking for a pair of lamps or one to go with the existing lamp in the bedroom for a while now. Home Goods used to be my go to source for lamps when we lived in Tennessee, but since California doesn't have one, I have been out of luck.

All of the lamps that I like are $100 and up, I don't mind investing in a good quality lamp, but since we will be most likely moving every 2 -5 years for David's job, and only get a limited amount of weight covered in a move - it makes sense hold off on more expensive pieces until we have a more permanent home.

I plan to sell a lot of furniture/accessories prior to moving to reduce weight ... and if they don't sell - I won't have to worry about expensive things getting broken by the movers! 

Enter the lamps that I found on Craigslist for $5 each

In need of a little - okay A LOT of updating! but they have a good shape and nothing that a can of spray paint and new lamp shades can't fix

 I scuffed up the metal and with steel wool and taped off the top and cord

 Sprayed with primer - let dry for about an hour - lightly sanded with extra fine sandpaper (320 grit) - wiped off with a microfiber cloth

I then sprayed it with RustOleum - Ivory Bisque - Semi Gloss (two coats - allowing to dry about 45 minutes in between)

I finished with a protective clear coat in gloss

I had already purchased lampshades a while back - so after I put those on they were ready to go!

It is amazing what a little spray paint and a new shade can do - they look completely different!

and lastly, Annabelle checking out the dresser that we picked up over the weekend for $15 - I've been looking a while for another dresser for the other side of the bed with no luck - it is too short so last night David made it taller so that it would be the same height as the other dresser. He also fixed the drawer. 

for $25 - Craigslist pulled through this weekend - now the bedroom is almost done. After I finish the dresser and swap the overhead light, it will be complete!

This post doesn't address any of the projects that I talked about on Friday - but they are still in the works and I promise to share photos when there are updates - too many project too little time!

Today I will be painting this dresser - check back to see updates and to see how we made it taller!


  1. Hi Sarah! I love reading your blog and love all the DIY projects. Makes me wish I had a new place to design and a garage to create in! I hope you're loving sunny CA!

    1. Hi Jena - Thank You! When we were living in TN we barely did any diy projects because we didn't have a garage and it was either too hot or cold. I love having the garage and the weather is pretty good year round ... We love it in CA!

      Take Care!

  2. Isn't it fun to DIY home decor? Love these lamp shades! Where did you get them???

    P.S. I'm from CA! There are actually a TON of Home Goods stores if you're interested in finding one near you. :)

  3. The lampshades are from Target, I love them too! I'm in Central CA and haven't found a Home Goods yet - I recently moved where I had one and miss it! I'll have to keep my eye out for one!

  4. I think Home Goods is called TJ Maxx in the west so keep your eye out for that!

  5. We have a Home Goods in Fresno, CA.

  6. Hi Sarah, I featured your lamps today on my blog Finding Fabulous! Come check it out, and grab our "featured button" if you like!

    Finding Fabulous

    1. Hi Jane! Thanks so much for the feature! Nice to "meet" you! Keep in touch! Sarah

  7. Love the lamp transformation. It looks amazing.

  8. Hi Sarah,

    There's are Home Goods all over LA and Orange Co. If you're in Central CA, the Thousand Oaks location is probably closest to you!

    Love all of your stuff!

  9. I love your lamps and the shade you redid! They look great. I am so glad I found your blog...Definitely following!! Now I look at my lamp makeover and it is really bad compared to yours!! Maybe I will redo it in white!!???

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Darlene


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