Monday, April 30, 2012

Fence Post Ladder Planter

Over the weekend David built this ladder planter for our patio - a few weeks ago I shared about our other fence post planter and the sun light situation on the patio

The concrete on the front of the patio (far right of photo above) blocks direct sunlight against the lower part of the wall, so shade plants were needed there

The wall that the ladder planter is on gets good direct sun for most of the day - so to take advantage we decided to go up the wall

We started with 6' redwood fence posts from Ace Hardware (5 at about $3.50 a piece)

also - redwood is supposed hold up well with weathering

The angle for the bottom and where it would meet the wall were figured out - then accounting for overall height the angles were cut

Boxes were constructed to fit in between the two side pieces - holes were drilled on the bottom of the boxes for drainage

For the front of the planter boxes - screws were used on the interior on an angle to hide the screws heads (left of photo above)

The side piece of the planter was laid on the ground and the top box was screwed into place - we started with the first box against the back of the side piece and then moved the bottom boxes out slightly so that they would get more light - after the three boxes were in place the piece was flipped over and the other side was secured

This was a pretty fast project - taking only about an hour or two!

at 64" tall - it sits just under the wall light

peppermint, pansies, and cilantro were planted in the bottom two boxes 

 Sitting underneath are the lemon tree, geranium, English daises, and pansies 

 The top planter box has basil, spearmint, and rosemary

This ladder planter was a great solution to get more plants on a smaller patio that has shady areas on the bottom!

Over the weekend we also worked on how to hang the light in the bedroom - pieces purchased, just need to hang it!

After thinking ...  a lot about art above the bed - I think I have decided on a few possibilities - now I have to decide which one will look best - I will probably use Photoshop to decide ...

Projects for this week - hanging overhead light, art for above the bed, and finishing the ombre table once the compressor arrives!

Stay Tuned!


  1. I found your blog through YHL. This planter is gorgeous! Keep an eye on that peppermint, though. Last year I put out one plant, and it has completely taken over my 5'X5' raised bed. Beautiful work.

  2. Hi Rachel- Thank you! and thanks for the warning on the peppermint, I don't have much experience with plants - so appreciate tips!


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