Friday, March 23, 2012

MBR Ideas with Sketchup and Photoshop

I use Photoshop and Sketchup a lot when I am designing anything 3D. Sketchup is a quick and fast way to get and idea of spatial relationships and what scale of furniture will work in the space. Photoshop allows manipulation of the space i.e. what wall art will look best, colors, etc.

When deciding what the depth of the new demilune table would be I used Sketchup to help me decide.

Check out this post for more info on the table

I created this model in Sketchup when I began designing the MBR, and have used it along the way to help make decisions.

12" table depth

14" table depth

Can 2 inches make a difference? In a smaller space yes! I am liking the clearance of the 12" depth, but I like the scale of the whole table with the 14" depth. I am still deciding ...

Without Sketchup, it is helpful to tape off the area to get a sense of how much space an object will take up.

I have also been thinking about what I will put on the wall with the bed - I used my Sketchup model and Photoshop to come up with some ideas

Butterfly wall art -reminiscent of gossip girl?

Frame Collection 

Quatrefoil  Mirror 

Here are some examples of how I used a photo and Photoshop to decide on fabric and headboard when shopping online

If you haven't noticed ... I really like Photoshop and Sketchup, they make it easier to make decisions when shopping online!

The bedroom is getting there, I have to:

1. Finish tv table (this weekend)
2. Make headboard (when fabric comes, next week?)
3. Refinish desk and chair
4. Swap light fixtures

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Sarah - this is genius! I have used Sketchup to make furniture plans, and never even thought of it for space-planning! Thanks!


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