Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Master Bedroom Update + Envelope Pillow Tutorial

I took a short break from working on the ottoman last night to work on some pillow covers for the bedroom

My sewing skills are adequate, but making envelope pillow covers are probably one of easiest things to make! So here's how I did it:

First I measured the length and width of the existing pillow cover and added 1/2" on all sides for seem allowance.

The front has one piece and the back has two, consisting of: 1. half the length of front piece (plus additional 1" for seam allowance on the side that will overlap) 2. half the length of front piece plus 4-6" depending how tight the cover fits (the tighter it fits the more overlap is needed)



On the back pieces: finish the side that will overlap each other, fold and iron 1/2" and then fold again and iron to cover the raw edge

 Pin the edge

Sew the seem on both back pieces

folded over over to what the inside should look like

assemble the pieces - front side on the inside and pin the outer edges

Sew the around the outside of the entire piece

Turn right side out and push out corners with pointed object such as end of paintbrush or chopstick

So easy!

When deciding on what type of headboard I wanted, I made some sketches in photoshop a few weeks back and decided on this style:

I found this beautiful headboard at Charm Home Design and fell in love ...

We made a headboard for our old place and sold it before we left, so are looking forward to making a new one!

Just waiting for the fabric to come in the mail ...

I will be getting back to the upholstered ottoman tonight, almost done!


  1. Hi! What is the name of the floral fabric you used for the pillows? Thanks!

    1. It is Thomas Paul Dahlia Dove. I purchased from:

      Hope this helps! Thanks!

  2. I love the fabric on the lamp shades and bedskirt. What is the name of that fabric?

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

      The lampshades were purchased at Target (as is, no fabric added) and I made the bedskirt out of this fabric: Covington Windsor Citrus

  3. Hi! Do you happen to have a tutorial for the bed shirt? Thanks :o)

    1. Here you go :)


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