Monday, March 5, 2012

Bookcase Renovation

Over the weekend I finished this bookcase ...

A few weeks ago I found this beauty on craigslist for $20 (the bottom doors did come with it, but I didn't get a pic with them)

I didn't notice a lot of the damage because I was so excited for the hardwood. 

Once I got home and looked a little closer  WOW  It looked liked it had been kicked, dragged around and used as a jungle gym

When I thought I had filled in all the holes, cracks and dents ... I found more and more and more

I probably should of just bought something new, but for $20 I guess what can you expect?

A few weeks later, I called it good - sanded, primed, and top coat on (SW Big Chill).

Looking better ... 

I then began stenciling the back with a little black acrylic paint added to SW Big Chill 

The corners were a too hard to get to, so I ended up taking the back off and finishing there ... much easier, wish I would of done that from the start!  

and here it is in the living room (with a peek of what I am doing here) 

moved things around a little - the - a -  is spray painted and the books are wrapped with scrap booking paper.

I used these knobs from anthropologie in turquoise

These were taken with our point and shoot camera ... Over the weekend, I may or not of dropped my camera, well it actually fell off of the table - lens flying off - breaking the plastic connection from the lens to the camera body :( 

We were thinking about upgrading our camera anyways, so now to decide whether we will get a new camera or just a new lens

This weekend we were also working on building a new upholstered ottoman for the living room 

Check back later to see our progress! 


  1. Hi Sarah! I just discovered your blog and I must say you are AMAZING!! I just had a few questions. I've noticed all your books on shelves throughout the house are so cute. Do you wrap them in paper or fabric? I can't seem to find if you talked about that anywhere. ALso I LOVE your curtains that have a navy and white print and then white and then the print. Did you make these?? How and where did you find the navy and white print? thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Katie! Thanks so much! I wrap our books in paper that I've printed at home. Also, I made the curtains before I started my blog, so no tutorial. But I cut stripes (about 18") of Duralee Kalah blue (fabric. com) and stripes of ivory linen, sewed them together and finished the edges. Pretty easy! The backs are unlined, but that would be easy too.

      I'm actually thinking about getting new ones, let me know if you're interested in purchasing :)

  2. Do you sell the stencil you used on your bookshelf in your etsy shop? I love the bookshelf! You are incredibly talented!!

    1. I don't sell that exact one, this one is very similar the short verticals are straight vs the stencil on the bookcase is on an angle :)

  3. Do you remember(and I may have missed it somewhere) the name of the color you painted the back of the bookcase?

    1. I think it is sw big chill with a little black added to it. It's been a while so I may not be remembering correctly :)


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