Thursday, February 23, 2012

Master Bedroom Floor Plan and Design

Our new bedroom is a good bit smaller than our old bedroom, so furniture needs to be small scaled ... but with less closet space we still need storage.

Nightstands will double as dressers for extra storage, we plan to build a t.v. stand because the size needs to be very specific - design will incorporate baskets or doors.

What still needs to be done ...

1. Refinish other nightstand
2. Sew pillow covers (waiting on fabric to come in the mail)
3. Build an upholstered headboard
4. Decide on coverlet (white puckered duvet already selected)
5. Decide on draperies
6. Refinish writing desk and chair found on craigslist
7. Swap builder grade light for pendant
8. Design and build t.v. stand

The room has a northern exposure so only gets indirect light, so I wanted the color palette to be light and airy with some contrast.

image source | headboard | rug | duvet | desk | fabric

Up next - refinishing the other nightstand!

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