Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet Renovation

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Ikea offers a lot of great products at lower price points. Shortly before moving to CA we purchased this Hemnes shoe cabinet.



It holds a lot of shoes, and looking at it closed you would never know! 

Moving to CA was our first experience with a moving company ... and it wasn't a great one. We sold some of our furniture prior to moving and brought the rest. What we did bring was damaged ...

Initially I was upset, but insurance covered it all - so now we can fix it for free!

I applied wood filler, sanded, coat of thinned primer, sanded, and one top coat - Sherwin Williams Big Chill with XIM Extender to even out the brush strokes

I swapped the dark knobs for these bubble glass knobs from World Market.

We still need to attach the shoe cabinet to the wall, but it is currently where it will be staying - on the 2nd floor landing - down the hall from the bedrooms, so great for grabbing shoes on the way out.

The quatrefoil mirror will be moving to the bedroom, once we build the headboard (foam is on the way!) I am currently in the process of repairing the mirror that will go over the shoe cabinet - and will post more pictures when it is up.

I am almost done with the bookcase I started painting on Monday - top coat is almost dry - then I will be attempting to stencil it - it is my first time - wish me luck!


  1. I'm curious how you attached this to the wall? The directions don't offer any measurements.

    1. Hi Jamie! There are a few horizontal supports on the back - before the drawers are inserted, you can use screws/cabinet anchors to secure it to the wall through the MDF. Hope this helps :)


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