Monday, July 17, 2017

Starting Fresh | Living Room | Designing a Room How To

We recently got our floors refinished on the main level! Currently our living room has a 9x12 jute rug and that's it! So, I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about my design process when starting on a room.

I'll be using some of what I have, a little DIY, some new and a little vintage. I find that this builds layers which = character! Creating a thoughtfully collected feel versus a "room in a box" look. I think a lot of people can relate to this because most people don't want to buy everything new or everything vintage - it saves money and looks less generic and more personal!

Let's get started! One of the first things that I do when working on a space is come up with a general mood board with finishes, textures, color, pattern, and the overall feel that I'd to have in the space.

I've been loving a natural, relaxed feel recently - a range of organic blues, neutral statement textures, organic pattern and warmed up with cognac leather and warm and washed woods.

As we source furniture, accessories and textiles for our home (versus a rental) we're looking to invest in a few pieces of neutral furniture with classic lines that will last for many years. For the living room, selecting a sofa and side chairs - like the Allure sofa and the New American Accent Chair from Bassett is a good foundation because they have classic shapes that won't go out of style. Then, adding  toss pillows and smaller furniture pieces gives you personalization and the flexibility to change those up more often.

Lets talk about tables! I love shape and flexibility of the Peninsula coffee table - perfect for sliding ottomans or baskets underneath and Horizon side table is timeless and interesting! I could see these going in several rooms in my home.

In the first option, I've shown a classic sofa and chairs, streamline side table with a little interest and a waterfall coffee table. I'm pulling in our DIY leather ottomans, existing jute rug, Moroccan poufs, and draperies. Finally, I'm planning to incorporate new toss pillows and a vintage or vintage feel rug to layer over the jute.

Option 2 is similar but adds a darker wood tone in the coffee table and bench in lieu of the cognac leather. 

allure sofa // new american accent chair // horizon round side table // peninsula rectangular coffee table // bench // moroccan pouf // jute rug // blue rug // toss pillow 1,2,3

Option 3 is a mix of 1 and 2, bringing the cognac leather with the Corinna accent chair and the darker wood tones. 

allure sofa // corinna accent chair // horizon round side table // peninsula rectangular coffee table // bench // moroccan pouf // jute rug // blue rug // toss pillow 1,2,3,4

Making these mood boards is very helpful to me when designing a space (especially if I'm being indecisive!) It really helps me visualize - and I'm more confident when ordering furniture! I created these boards in Photoshop, but there are several programs available online, if you don't have access to Photoshop.  

I'm so excited to feature one of my favorite furniture brands - Bassett. I use Bassett for almost every client project - they have great base shapes and tons of fabrics to select from. I was excited that Bassett contacted me about sponsoring a post. As always, I only share companies and products that I love and have had a great experience with!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Friday Five | 07.15.17

Happy Saturday! I didn't get to post yesterday - but I thought I would still share my regular Friday post, even if it is Saturday ;) 

I'm obsessed with these counterstools - I've used them in a client project - they are stunning in person! They are pricey, but maybe save somewhere else and splurge here!? Find more at One Kings Lane

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

He's here!!

What a whirlwind week! John was born at 7 lb 8 ounces and 20" long. Our little guy made his appearance (on his due date!) We are so happy and in love and a little tired too ;)  The nursery is pretty much complete - so I'll be posting photos, when I get a chance to take a few. We're also working a complete kitchen reno and finishing up our lower bathroom - so lots to come soon! Thanks for your patience as we settle into a new routine!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Nursery Peek | Michaels Makers July Challenge

Happy July! The past few weeks have been all about the nursery! We just finished hanging the wallpaper and a few frames last night - so I thought it would be the perfect place to share my Michaels Makers project.

For this month, I focused on Michaels newly released craft paints - there was a lot to select from, but I went with the watercolor line from Martha Stewart.

I decided to try an organic polka dot - it was SO easy and SO quick!

I just squirted a little paint on a plate and diluted with water. I tried a few methods, but loved a lighter base circle and then come back with a little more paint on one side of the circle. To get the watercolor effect - it works best to keep it wet and add more paint when it's wet and leave it alone. As it dries, the paint will spread and "work it's magic".

Since I had extra tea towels (also from Michaels) I decided to also pull out my Rit dyes and try a few Shibori techniques.

I love how they turned out! I won't share a full tutorial, but if you search for Shibori folding, a lot of options will come up! It's super simple!

A few tips, only leave it in the dye bath for about 30 seconds - 1 minute. and make sure that it's bound pretty tight. I probably should have used string instead of rubber bands on the blocked pieces - for this reason, I left mine in for under 30 seconds so the dye wouldn't soak through as much. To reduce bleeding into the white space, rinse it under cool water for a few minutes - with the binding still on. Then once you unbind it, rinse the edges and pull back the layers as you go.

The best thing about Shibori is it doesn't have to be precise at all! So don't be too careful :)

I'll probably be changing a few things up in here (paint the gold light black?) - but love how it's coming together! Stay tuned!

Looking for more DIY inspiration!? Be sure to stop by Michaels blog, the Glue String for more ideas!

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